List of Clients - Mobile Hospital

2005 Ministery of Defense, Algier Mobile Hospital for 200 Patients with Transport Tracks, Cranes and Generators
2007 Ministery of Health, Saudi Arabia Mobile Hospital for 80 Patients
2010 Ministery of Health, Sri Lanka Mobile Hospital for 300 Patients
2011 Medical Equipment to Bin Laden Group, Saudi Arabia
2011 Shelter based Dental Labor for Armed Forces, Ghana
2013Mobile diagnose room for the Ministry of Health, Sudan

The Mobile Hospitals have been equipped with :

  • General Operation Room,
  • Recovery Room,
  • Induction Room with Image Intensifier Laboratory,
  • X-Ray,
  • Pharmacy and Blood Storage,
  • Sterilization
  • General Examination,
  • Scrup up/OT Store,
  • Nurse Duty Tent
  • Patient Ward Tent,
  • General examination Tent

Experience for supplying medicine, medical equipements and mobile hospitals since the year 2000.